Nabsatech is a reliable consulting engineering group which delivers engineering services, project management and control integration for clients in a wide variety of industries since 2016.

At Nabsatech, we all come to work every day to recognize the engineering gaps in industries and fill these gaps using our experience, knowledge and resources. Lack of trust and professionality has been our main motive to enter the business and considering our aptitude to put together a qualified team and bringing businesses together, we are exactly where we want to be to deliver our clients’ needs.

We are specialized in medical equipment, Clean rooms, Food processing, Material handling and packaging. These services include consultation, project management, system integration, safety solutions and robotic systems.

We focus on transparent aspects of the market and we see its deficiencies as an opportunity to step in and do what we do best, and that is ‘Taking you forward’ 


A deep understanding of processes and technical requirements: it is important to offer the maximum
added value in after-sales service and to support our customers effectively in the implementation of their